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Watch the New Features Video Virtual Economics® is a powerful instructional resource that can help you and your students understand basic economics concepts and can help you find the right lesson to teach a concept or standard to your students.

You can browse Virtual Economics® by economics concepts or by economics lessons.

BROWSE ECONOMICS CONCEPTS contains 51 concepts organized into five categories. Each concept contains an overview; featured lessons for elementary, middle and high school; teaching tips; a video explanation; quiz; and online resources for the concept. In addition, a glossary with over 500 terms and their definitions is available.

BROWSE ECONOMICS LESSONS contains more than 1,400 Council for Economic Education lessons, both print and online. This section allows you to search by publication, keyword, national standards and state standards. You can also limit your search to grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and/or 9-12.

SEARCH BY STANDARD allows you to search not only by national standards but also by state standards. This search lists the top 30 lessons—20 from print materials and 10 online—that most closely relate to the standard selected. This allows you to customize your economics curriculum to your state’s standards in economics and personal finance while using lessons that are most effective for your particular teaching style.



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