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General Questions

Q: Are there site licenses or network versions of Virtual Economics?

A: No. Virtual Economics is intended for individual teachers. It is not designed to be networked. However, volume discounts are available. For more information please email info@councilforeconed.org

Q: Is Virtual Economics designed primarily for me to use or for my students to use?

A: Virtual Economics is designed primarily for teachers to use. Some features, such as the Concept Overviews, the Glossary and Concept Videos, are designed to help you learn basic principles of economics. Other features, such as the 1,400 lessons and Tips, are designed to provide the resources to help you teach economics more effectively.

Q: Can I use Virtual Economics with my students? If so, which parts?

A: The Concept Videos and some of the online lessons can be used directly with your students. The Concept Overviews can be used with high school students or, in some cases, with middle or elementary school students.

Q: What Council for Economic Education publications are available Virtual Economics Version 4.5?

A: A complete listing of the publications can be found on the Virtual Economics website. Click here to view a complete listing.

Q: Why should I register my copy of Virtual Economics?

A: Registering your copy of Virtual Economics entitles you to discounts on future versions as well as product updates and announcements.

Q: Are volume discounts available for Virtual Economics?

A: Yes, go to the Purchase page for more information.

Q: How do I get Virtual Economics to fill the full-screen of my computer for presentation purposes?

A: Version 4.0 and 4.5: you can resize the application using the standard buttons in the top corner of the window.

Version 3.0: Option 1:
If the resolution of your computer monitor is set to 800 x 600, the CD will automatically display in "full-screen" mode. For presentation purposes, you could close Virtual Economics, adjust the resolution of your computer to 800 x 600, and then re-start Virtual Economics. Once you're done with your presentation, you can adjust the resolution of your monitor back to your preferred settings.
Option 2:
Included on the CD is a program that runs Virtual Economics in "full-screen" mode. To access this program, view the contents of the CD. Open the "data" folder. Double-click the "ve.fs.osx" - Mac or "ve.fx.exe" - Windows program. This will automatically change the resolution of your computer monitor to 800 x 600 and display Virtual Economics in "full-screen" mode. When you quit Virtual Economics, your computer monitor's resolution will go back to your original settings.

NOTE: Changing the resolution of your computer monitor may cause items on your desktop, such as program icons, files, etc. to be re-positioned. You may also notice some strange behavior if you go to another application without closing Virtual Economics. Because of the resolution change, the other applications may be larger than you would expect.



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