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Q: I want to limit my search to specific grade levels. When I click to change the appropriate box, nothing happens. What's up?

A: On some computers there may be a slight delay with the checks in the grade-level boxes changing. If the results begin to update when you change a box, wait for the update to be completed before checking or unchecking another box.

Q: I know there are more than 1,400 lessons on Virtual Economics, but can I print them and use them in my classes?

A: It is easy to print the lessons, and you are free to use them for classroom purposes. Use the tool bar at the top to read and print lessons. On Version 4.0 and 4.5 you can use the View PDF or Save button at the top and print the lessons from your PDF viewer.

Q: What are the Council for Economic Education standards?

A: These refer to the Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics. Almost all Council for Economic Education lessons are correlated to these standards, which focus on fundamental economic ideas and concepts.

Q: When I search by my state's standards, do I also have to check the appropriate grade level?

A: If the state standard is appropriate only for a particular grade level, only lessons for that grade level will appear.

Q: My state standards have been revised since the publication of Virtual Economics. Am I out of luck?

A: Not necessarily. If you have an Internet connection, Virtual Economics first searches the Web site for updated standards. If a state council, a state center, or a state department of education correlated the revised standards, you could be in luck. When you search by state standard, the date of the latest revision on Virtual Economics is provided at the top of the page. If you know that your state standards have been rewritten recently, please contact us so that we can put them in the queue to update the correlations.

Q: I need to infuse economics into other disciplines. Which feature of Virtual Economics will help me do this?

A: You can use the keyword search and search for lessons by discipline. Be sure to check the grade level that you are interested in. Here are the disciplines that you can use: Economics, AP Economics, Advanced Placement Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Social Studies, Social Science, Entrepreneurship, Geography, Government, Civics, Political Science, International, Reading, Language Arts, Life Skills, Personal Finance, Children's Literature, Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Science, Environmental Economics, US History, U.S. History, United States History, American History, World History.

Q: What else is the keyword search good for?

A: It will search for any word in the title of a Council for Economic Education lesson or publication, or even the ISBN number of a publication. Just the last few digits of an ISBN number will work.

Q: When I select one of my state standards, 20 print lessons and 10 online lessons are displayed. Why are only 20 and 10 displayed?

A: The standards correlation tool gives all 1,400+ lessons a score based on concepts associated with the standard and individual lessons. The 20 print lessons that have the highest score are displayed followed by the top 10 online lessons.

Q: I can't find the Student Letter and Frequently Asked Questions from the Financial Fitness for Life - Student Workouts - Grades 9-12 publication for several lessons.

A: The Student Letters and Frequently Asked Questions were mistakenly not included on the Version 3.0 CD-ROM. We've included the missing PDF files below:

Q: It looks as though a picture is missing from Lesson 8 - Activity 1 in the Focus on Economics: United States History publication on the CD-ROM.

A: The picture in Lesson 8 Activity 1 from the Focus on Economics: United States History publication was mistakenly not included in the PDF on the Version 3.0 CD-ROM. We've included an updated PDF file below:



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